PPE Resource Groups
Name Description
Project N95 Used by hospitals and healthcare organizations to connect with PPE suppliers
National PPE Coalition Used by state governments, corporations, manufacturers, non-profits and individuals to share and request PPE resources and information
GetUsPPE Used by a centralized network of partners and volunteers to coordinate delivery of PPE to healthcare workers
PPE Link Used by local academic and industry STEM laboratories to donate stockpiled PPE to local hospitals
Masks for Docs Used to donate protective masks to health care workers and hospitals
Operation Masks Used by healthcare providers to purchase and deliver PPE
Helena Used by healthcare providers to purchase and deliver PPE
The Mask Pros Used by the public to making masks including sewing patterns, DIY instructional videos, and downloadable files for 3D-printed masks
Global Center for Medical Innovation Access designs used by manufacturers to produce face shields for healthcare providers
NY State Used by businesses that can manufacture or donate PPE to New York State healthcare workers
America's Covid-19 Task Force in donating KN95 masks to 60,000+ citizens We are a team of concerned citizens who have created an emergency task force to help supply Organizations, Non-Profits, and average citizens just like us with protection against the widespread COVID-19 virus. We proudly are: Passing-through KN95 masks AT COST We have a transparent pricing to everyone who wants to help in donating masks to those in need. These masks are purely at cost, no markups or hidden fees. We are here to help! Working 24/7 in sourcing as many supplies as possible: Our team is working non-stop to bring in supplies on a rolling basis for a speedy delivery and distribution to the people and organizations in need.
Manufacturing Coalition (YPO) A YPO-led effort to source PPE supplies
OPT Industries Inc. Improving the supply chain of conventional nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to meet the urgent demand of COVID-19 testing in the US.
C19 Coalition Our members are working on every part of the problem: supply, demand, fulfillment, logistics, funding, and information tracking. We use real-time updates about what every organization is doing in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation has launched a Team-of-Teams supply chain solution to solve for the needs of overwhelmed medical/care center procurement offices and local governments, while also mobilizing Made in USA manufacturing to fill PPE supply gaps caused by overwhelming demand and the fragility of globalized supply chains.
CLSA + California OES PPE Request Form for the Life Sciences Governor Newsom’s Office of Emergency Services has asked for our help. While their supplies last, they have offered to provide a free supply of PPE (surgical masks and hand sanitizer) to essential industries to help restart the economy until the supply of PPE can catch up to demand. Through our partnership, we have agreed to receive and distribute the PPE supplies to key life sciences companies in our state. For larger orders (more than 2,000 masks) we can have them ship directly to you, but will need to provide them with your information. Please note that hand sanitizer will come in gallon bottles and surgical masks have a minimum order of 2,000. If you need less than a count of 2,000 masks, CLSA will be able to order for you and bundle smaller amounts for pickup at or delivery from our South San Francisco and San Diego office locations.