Clinical Trial Trackers and Trial Insights

Covid-19 clinical trials by drug, investigator, sponsor and site

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

Covid-19 clinical trials by type of medicine and MOA with analysis

Searchable database of registered US Covid-19 clinical trials

Searchable database of registered European Covid-19 clinical trials

Coronavirus Observatory

Aggregated news about Covid-19 clinical trials

Vaccine and Research Tracker

Trackers with the most talked-about efforts to treat or prevent coronavirus infection, with details on the science, history, and timeline for each endeavor.

BIO COVID-19 Therapeutic Development Tracker

BIO’s Industry Analysis Team has reviewed and annotated pipeline data from BioCentury and Biomedtracker to create a granular, interactive view of the Covid-19 pipeline.


International biotechnology industry analysis, data and networking focused on translation, research, development, regulation, commercialization, partnering and funding.

Case Trackers

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Source of most Covid-19 case data Case Tracker

Country, state and county Covid-19 data

NY Times

Country, state and county Covid-19 data


Country, state and county Covid-19 data


Country, state and county Covid-19 data

Compilation of Covid-19 data

Covid 19 Data Hub

Compilation of Covid-19 data in Tableau

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Covid-19 projections


Covid-19 facts and figures


Covid-19 data by country


Covid-19 data from news

San Diego Case Tracker

San Diego Covid-19 map by zip code


CDC Covid-19 Website

Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems

Real-time COVID-19 Indicators

COVIDcast displays signals related to COVID-19 activity levels across the United States, derived from a variety of anonymized, aggregated data sources made available by multiple partners. Each signal may reflect the prevalence of COVID-19 infection, mild symptoms, or more severe disease over time.

This phylogeny shows evolutionary relationships of hCoV-19 (or SARS-CoV-2) viruses from the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. This phylogeny shows an initial emergence in Wuhan, China, in Nov-Dec 2019 followed by sustained human-to-human transmission leading to sampled infections.

IQVIA COVID-19 Active Case Tracker

This simulator has been developed by the IQVIA Data Science and Advanced Analytics team as a tool to support public health decisions based on the level and trajectory of active cases in a country, region or state. The simulator focuses on total active cases as a metric that speaks to the overall impact COVID-19 is having, not just limited to hospitalizations or deaths. The simulation shows the number of active cases (per population), shape of increase of the curve, timing of the apex of the curve and the shape and timing of the decline from the apex.

COVID Projections Tracker

A tool to look at the accuracy of various case projections. A sort of model of models.